Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cancer new moon collage

part of my online course includes making collages as a way of focusing one's energies and intentions. as one of my favorite mentors and teachers, Vicki Noble, says,
"The making of shamanic art is a way of ritually coming into contact with the spirits of the unseen world and enlisting their support in our lives." and as the mentor for this particular course, Kathy Crabbe, says, "Collaging can be remarkably helpful in many ways. It can help you strengthen and awaken the intuitive, playful side of yourself in concrete and visual ways."

the assignment is to create a collage for each moon cycle from new through waning. however, because this is the first moon cycle i've done this for, i decided to do a full size collage for each phase of the moon. this isn't too difficult - i have lots of images and as i culled through them the other day, i was surprised to see how easily many fit into the various phases.

for the past few days, as i've been ruminating on the newest version of Stud Farm - oh, i'm so happy with the new direction - i've been working on my new moon collage. each image speaks to me of some aspect of the new moon:

the bleeding yoni at the center and the empty, blood-colored sky and the empty chair overlooking the water reminds me of the time when women bled together, frequently under the dark of the moon. cancer is also a watery sign, and i wanted to include an image of water. the racoon to me is a creature of the night, and her sharp, beady little eyes see directly into the Dark. the two little boys on their potties remind me (as i so frequently need to be reminded especially when it comes to writing) that what comes out first is usually pretty stinky. the butterfly reminds me of the power of transformation. the young woman emerging from the cleft in the rock reminds me of the sacredness of the Divine Feminine, Her connection to the earth. the eggs and the baby and the archway, which could also be a fireplace mantel, seem to speak for themselves.

today i plan to write an intention on each of those eggs.

what about you, Gentle Reader?

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.

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new follower here. It is very nice to meet you. Your daughter is beautiful. Onreeone~