Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Theme for April

Gentle readers familiar with this blog may remember that at the beginning of this calendar year, I decided to give each month a focus or a theme.  January was food, February was fitness, March was mayhem.  It might seem a bit like cheating to announce the theme for April in retrospect but since it was such a topsy-turvy month, for a while it felt like March's mayhem had just continued.  

But when I look back at how I spent my time this past month, I realize that my focus was on nurturing.  This month I took some significant steps to nurture not just my grandchildren and my puppies, I also focused a fair amount of my time and energy on myself and my writing. 

I spent two hours a week every week at physical therapy for my perennially painful neck.  I continued my yoga practice and even expanded it.  I eliminated gluten from my diet completely and have decided to give up alcohol until the summer solstice.  I've also taken stock of what resources I have to devote to publicity for my writing, in order to create more energy to devote to the actual writing.  I've cleaned and organized my writing area and made plans to freshen it up once my babysitting duties are mostly done.  I say mostly, because I'll continue to take care of Jake and Grace one day a week.  

It's hard to believe that almost four weeks have gone so quickly, and that a new month - and a new focus - are just around the corner.  

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