Wednesday, November 4, 2009

all in a day's work

it's not that i haven't had chances to blog in the last few weeks - it's that when i've sat down, i've been TARRED, as my little brother david likes to say. really TARRED, bone TARRED, and this time change hasn't helped.

the other reason i haven't blogged much is because i've been writing other stuff - though maybe rewriting is a better term. a story i've been kicking around for ten years - ever since i noticed this house about an hour outside of key west - is coalescing in a whole new way that i didn't expect.

i've been enjoying it so much that when i haven't been too TARRED, i've been too entranced by the story. like a newborn baby, i can't stop myself from touching it, from fussing with it. today, however, with the moon so full, i felt blocked - i have learned i don't write well under full moons, and thus don't expect it of myself.

i write most easily as the moon wanes into the new moon until a few days before the full. (this story began to flow, in fact, with the last new moon.) today, instead of writing, i did three readings, met with a young woman from the CCSU lecture i gave last week, and had dinner with a friend who is rapidly becoming very dear. i also made two kinds of chicken soup and snuggled Baby Jake for most of the day - the poor little guy continues to swarm with germs of the common cold variety.

tomorrow im planning on going back to the key west story - im up to chapter four and have nearly 9000 words. it's not quite the nanowrimo goal, but it's close. how bout you, Gentle Readers? have you noticed any correlation to your creativity to the phases of the moon, the change of seasons or hailey's comet? anything at all?

just curious...

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.