Saturday, November 14, 2009

oh, what a week

i haven't blogged much recently and i've felt bad about it - not that i haven't had things to say or thoughts to share - but much of my writing energy has been drawn in two directions - the Eating the Angel Way book, and this new-old work of fiction.

with the help of some new writing buddies, and a bit of input from some old ones, im excited by the progress of the story. the direction it's taken is much different from the one i originally envisioned, but i think that's one reason i don't mind letting ideas stew as long as i let them. it's one reason why, when i feel the impetus to back off, to let an idea rest, i do. it's frustrating to a degree, and it means that there's a lot simmering on the back burner in my head, and it means there're a lot of ideas that have yet to really see more than a glimpse of the light of day.

but Rachel is emerging slowly but surely,and the story is spinning itself out in ways that's taking me by surprise, so i find myself beguiled by it, drawn in, entranced. i don't know if im communicating anything of that to a reader, of course, but for right now, ive been enjoying it so much, i don't want to stop.

i've also been working on the Meg's-Room Project - all the furniture i can reach that needed to be painted is painted, as are her wall shelves. her wall shelves are painted the same color as the wall, and i am very pleased to see how bright and fresh a color it is. even her big sister approved. im hoping the contractor gets to the bathroom before thanksgiving.

the number of readings and reiki sessions i've been doing has begun to increase, as well, so that i seem to be doing as many readings and reiki sessions as i can comfortably manage. in my free moments, i've been enjoying carnivale and hunkering down for winter.

so that's what i've been up to, Gentle Readers... how about you?

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Walk in the Woods said...

I can relate to the "back burner" as well as enjoying something so much you don't want to stop. As for Carnivale ... we've been enjoying it as well.

Have a beautiful sunday, despite the weather!