Wednesday, September 15, 2010

finally free

i wore a jacket this morning when i walked the puppies and the light has a distinct gold glow, the air a sharp edge. but for the calling of the crows and the tap of Beloved's keyboard, sam's snores and buddy's sighs, the house is silent. silent, still, and empty.

these are the hours i crave. the grandchild is tended, the children are occupied, Beloved is otherwise engaged. even my friends, most of them, are off and busy. these are my hours, my days, the time i truly relish. some days im busy and productive and some days, to tell the truth, i do what i do best... which is nothing.

here's to a nothing kind of day.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Bonnie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to be having. Enjoy it for me as well.

Kathy said...

Excellent day.

Kim said...

I love those moments! Hope you enjoyed yours.

Cashero said...

Hit on your blog by clicking next. I enjoyed your creative thinking and will follow. What I did find interesting was that your standing principles echo mine. You can check out what I think on my blog