Thursday, September 23, 2010

under an aries moon

the conjunction of the fall equinox, the full moon in aries and a precipitous return of summer weather brought on a migraine like i haven't had in months. but i woke up feeling better today, and charged with aries full-moon energy. since my sun's in aries, i feel all activated and charged, rather like a crystal all raring to go.

how do you feel facing Fall, Gentle Reader?

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Walk in the Woods said...

Today starts a bout of fall cleaning for me … space by space, item by item … cleaning, cleansing and tossing things aside for recycling and garbage. This is a task that will last through the season, or most of it, as I prepare my hut for the darkest days of autumn and the coming of winter. And there's the outdoor efforts and garden work too.

It is a very busy season, yet one full of worthy preparations that sustain, support and offer me comfort as I settle into the long, cold nights that will surely follow.

Kathy said...

Is it fall?

Yesterday it finally began to rain and the temperature dropped to the 70s. In my excitement and enthusiasm, I wore a cotton jacket to work today. It is hanging on the back of my chair while the box fan blows on me. It's too cool for air conditioning, but too stale for nothing... and of course the windows don't open. Is this a hot flash? Oh well.

At least it is Fall. And raining. And not 100 degrees.