Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting the "juice"

People sometimes ask me what exactly an "intuitive" writing coach is, and what makes me different from any other writing coach.  And sometimes (frequently) I find it difficult to put into words exactly what it is that makes me different.  But a perfect example of what makes me different is the reading-session I did with a friend this morning, who is in the process of finishing a very personal memoir.  She's already someone who inspires many people to do great things; I hope she finishes her memoir soon because I'm sure it will inspire many more. 

However, my friend is experiencing some creative block - not necessarily in her writing, per se. 

As we walked this morning, she shared with me that part of her block extends to her sexuality as well.  "How can I get past this, Annie?" she asked. 

The guidance I got for my friend was that writing - like any creative process - is inherently sexual.  Sexual acivity is generative by its very nature...people who are highly creative are highly sexual, even if they choose not to express that sexuality overtly.  The blocks she was experiencing were related to theraputic work she was doing with other practitioners.  To deny herself sexual expression, she was cutting off the primal source of her own creative energy. 

The guidance I was able to give my friend included the suggestion to write the most highly charged erotica she was capable of for twenty minutes every day.   This was to be for her eyes only ....however, I wouldn't be surprised if my friend became the next A.N. Rocqueclare.

Sexuality is one of our most fundamental birthrights as human beings, and - like food - one of the most highly fraught arenas in society, religion and family.  But artists thrive on creative energy, artists require a certain amount of it in order to produce, in order to create. 

The next time you're feeling blocked, Gentle Reader, ask yourself when the last time you connected to that most primal source of your creativity? 



Walk in the Woods said...

Excellent guidance. No arguments. :)

Jennifer said...

Very interesting post! I am going through some health issues that hinder my sexuality greatly. I have not really felt like myself since I got sick.

No one really talks about the role that a person's sexuality plays in their life other than how it relates to having children or just the act itself.

Often I feel very blocked in my life because I am not able to express my sexuality fully. I am a creative person but I feel that even for non-creative people it is an important need, essential for a healthy life and should not be blocked up.

Annie Kelleher said...

'No one really talks about the role that a person's sexuality plays in their life other than how it relates to having children or just the act itself."
jennifer - truer words were never spoken! i believe we are always sexual beings in one way or another - and our sexuality infuses, inhabits and informs all we do and how we do it....

Annie Kelleher said...

thanks rose ...and thanks for figuring out hwo to comment!!