Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tired of my clothes

I'm tired of my clothes, or more specifically, I'm tired of wearing jeans.  It seems that but for the brief respite in Hawaii, when I didn't even look at the jeans I'd worn to San Francisco, I've worn jeans in some form or fashion just about every day since last October.  And if that's not true, it still feels like it. 

I was bemoaning this fact to my friend Doreen who specializes in motivating people to change.  She suggested I go into some of the local stores and just try some things on. 

The very next day in the mail I received a catalogue from a store with just the kind of clothes I'm looking for - soft, comfortable and not jeans.  It also has a shop close enough to get to, and far enough away to be an outing - or, in Artists' Way terms... an "artist's date."

What about you, Gentle Reader?  Do you ever get tired of your clothes? What else do you wear, besides jeans (and sweats) that are just as comfy? 


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of jeans either and usually only wear them when I'm going out somewhere other than running errands.

I love palazzo pants as well as yoga pants. Both can be dressed up with nice fitted shirts and cute shoes. Granted, they're not "dressing" but they're also not sloppy.

Have fun shopping.

Walk in the Woods said...

I love my jeans, I really do, and yet even I do grow weary of them at times.

For the coming of spring I've actually purchased some "transition" slacks in the form of khakis that have a little form and style distinctive from my usual jeans. So for me, that's a baby step, gentle start.

I'm also looking at my beloved broomstick skirts and strategizing tops that will inspire me to wear those a bit more too.

Jennifer said...

When I was in elementary school all I would wear were skirts. I don't know why but I loved them. After elementary school I started wearing the jeans and I wore them until three years ago.

I was and still are going through some health issues and I was looking for comfort. I lost the bra and the jeans. I gained a tank top and a skirt. The skirt just feels more like me. It feels like home.

Annie Kelleher said...

thanks for those great suggestions, all... i used to wear broomstick skirts... hmmmm

Kim said...

After wearing business worthy stuff all week I enjoy my jeans on the "weekends". I've been transitioning out of t-shirts and dressing the jeans up more with cute flattering tops. I love the long comfy skirt look on others but can't seem to work it right on myself. But, I've been slowly transforming my clothes this past year.