Friday, August 19, 2011

First Harvest

A few weeks ago, on Lammas Eve, I gathered the "first" harvest of my herbs and made bundles to dry on my hearth and on the four altars outside.  The plants have been happy this year, and I had big bunches of white sage and yarrow and sweet annie and mugwort.

It's been a fruitful writing summer too.  So far I've finished the story I wrote for my brother, David.  Written at a third grade level, its a story about a young man named David who lives at home with his parents and works in a mailroom.  When he meets a red-haired girl named Sarah, he's sure he's met the girl of his dreams.  My brother, who has Downs' Syndrome, doesn't care for most books written at his reading level because he's not a child.  But he loves this one, and he's excited about reading it in a way he hasn't in years.  Others who have read have been charmed at the way the story opens up the world of a person with my brother's abilities. Titled How David Met Sarah, it's coming out in October as an ebook on Amazon... I hope you will check it out!

I  also have almost forty thousand words complete of a first draft of a new novel tentatively titled All the Missing Pieces...I'd like to complete the first draft this month and seem to be right on track to do so.  Eating the Angel Way is once again being "re-visioned".... my sense is that the book when it comes out in November, right after Thanksgiving, will offer even more insights than the previous versions.  And there's my new blog... Hecate's Gate...which seems to be off to a great start, thanks to all the wonderful women who have left me comments and offered feedback.  In addition, I've held workshops and retreats and done some mentoring and coaching this summer... all which has left me feeling very satisfied. 

So that's what I've harvested this summer... how about you, Gentle Readers? 
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