Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rites of Fall

I woke up cold this morning.  For the first day in months, I was reluctant to leave my snuggled nest of covers.  This morning on the driveway, I saw one fallen red maple leaf.  Fall is on its way. 

My youngest and I have been shopping for college amidst all the back-to-school frenzy.  Libby is the fourth young adult I've sent marching off, armed with sheets and wall hooks and enough Easy Mac to feed a dorm floor.  It's the last time I expect to do this and the last time for anything is always bittersweet.  

I've watched the young mothers in the stores, the ones with lists and wrinkled frowns and children slipping under foot.  They congregate in groups in the back to school aisles, comparing cart contents, nervous as their own kids about what lies ahead, so desperate to do it right.  Relax, I want to tell them.  You screw up more by being overly worried than by allowing nature to take its course. 

Blessed be.


Anonymous said...

Were you one of those worried mothers at that age? I don't mean that in a disrespectful way by any means, but in my own experiences with mothers who have older children than me I tend to get the "enjoy them while they're young" and find out from the older kids their mothers were just as neurotic as me but have forgotten.

Wow, this sounds really harsh....please know I don't mean it to be mean, I just want to comment from the other side of the fence.

Annie Kelleher said...

LOL...that is a fair question...i will put it to my offspring and see what they say :)