Thursday, September 15, 2011

In the moment of the pause

The world is absolutely still this morning, the air as muggy as a morning in July.  The trees slump over the ponds.  The crows are calling.  A cold front is predicted.   The light has a strange coppery-gold glow as the sun rises behind the clouds, that's turning silver-gray as I watch. 

Outside my writing room, summer is spilling over in vines and heavy branches, in the fat bunches of wild grapes and raspberries, in the scent of mint and chamomile.  The world looks ripe and ready.  In the last few days, I've seen a cricket, a snake, a deer and a turtle, powerful messengers according to animal medicine. 

As I'm writing the tiniest spider has dropped down from the vaulted ceiling - a distance of at least ten feet above my head - and is bouncing and bobbing in front of my eyes.   I can't quite tell where it's spinning its web, because it doesn't appear to be anchored to anything at all.  The cheeky little thing seems to think it can use my keyboard because it landed on the space bar and scuttled away just in time to avoid my thumb.

In Native American tradition, Spider is a powerful auger of creativity and connection.  I wish all my Gentle Readers a rich and fruitful autumn. 


Amber said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing your morning in prose. :) Happy Autumn to you, too.

Anonymous said...

I have been seeing spiders everywhere. The Spider is actually my Third Chakra Animal Totem. Love them.

Beautiful post, as usual.

Kim said...

What a charming post. Thanks!

And blessings to you this Autumn.

Walk in the Woods said...

Spring and Autumn, two seasons I consider anchored in spider rule. And there's the cob webs too.

Whether we choose to move, change and create or stay still, stagnate and collect dust is entirely up to us.

I love this time of transition, from summer to autumn. Yet … I love them all. But this is the one I'm in Now.

May your season be brightly blessed!