Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome, boycotters!

I have to tell all my Gentle Readers about how much traffic I've been receiving from all the people who apparently believe American women should be boycotted.  My stats are going through the roof! 

As one of my Wise Women friends pointed out, boycotting by reading and commenting on an American woman's blog - not to mention drawing attention to it by posting a links to it on a forum -  is an ass-backwards way of boycotting anything, simply by definition.  But perhaps, to paraphrase Inigo Montoya of The Princess Bride, they don't really understand the meaning of the word.  

I actually think it's quite wonderful that this person and all the others who share his views are boycotting American women.  Please keep that boycott going.  
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Anonymous said...

I get these idiots all the time and mark it as spam. What they don't understand is that the women they are boycotting don't want their sorry disgusting asses anyway. Boycott away dudes, just saves the single ladies time and energy on your bassackwards selves.

Annie Kelleher said...

Exactly!!! i wouldn't want my daughters or friends or sisters in any way involved with someone who felt like this about women! and i pity the poor women they're with and pray they wake up someday. what's really funny is hte one guy says he's married to an indian woman... guess he never heard of kali-ma!!! LOL