Tuesday, December 1, 2009

deep december

the days have been mild, but the sky is black as midnight by five pm. there's three more weeks til the turning point of the year. i've been grateful for the mild temperatures.

i've put in MY request for a reasonably mild winter. let's have a few snow falls... call them dustings... nothing more than two or three inches so it can melt during the day and not be a problem to people who have to drive at rush hour. the older i get, the less i like the concept of slippery surfaces.

among the challenges i've been facing in the last few weeks included dinner for 23 on thanksgiving. i didn't cook as much of it i might normally - my mother assured me that my sister didn't want to feel left out and so i had her bring a lot of dishes, including stuffing, home-made cranberry sauce of the sort my kids refuse to eat, butternut squash and a broccoli-cauliflower casserole. andi, my brother in law, also made focaccia bread.

we had two turkeys - one my son and son in law deep fried and one i roasted. my mother peeled a mountain of potatoes and we had mashed potatoes to feed an army. i made peas and the gravy. a dear friend who was brave enough to join us brought a wonderful mango tart AND a chocolate raspberry tart. my friend ric the chef (he would be quick to tell you he's not REALLY a chef - but he cooks like one) sent mini pumpkin cheesecakes and maple sugar cookies. the beer, wine and apple cider flowed copiously and i think it's safe to say a grand good time was had by all. it took me three days to recuperate, but thanks to my mother, i didnt have to worry about cleaning the house.

in terms of decorating, meg's room is finally getting underway. joe the builder was under the impression she was gone all YEAR. however, my friend karin is coming over to push the project even further along - she's painting the room today. im really excited to see the color... its a fresh, clean aquamarine color is how i think i would best describe, more blue than green, but with just a touch of teal to make it interesting.

i'm up to ten chapters and nearly 30,000 words in the novel i've been working on. im trying not to get too excited but i'm really liking the story. (of course, i like all my stories.) im keeping my fingers crossed that karen and i get some positive news on the Angel book soon.

in terms of the Angel book, as soon as i stop following the Guidelines, the writing pretty much grinds to a halt. so here i am... climbing once more back on the Angel wagon - karen has developed some cool new charts and i am eager to put them to use. i've been doing a fair number of readings, and was asked to come to the granby village health shop in granby on thursdays, to do the same kinds of readings and reiki sessions i offer at Passiflora in new hartford.

we've scheduled a two week vacation in hawaii in january with a few extra nights in san francisco with my daddy. last weekend we bought our christmas tree. i have a box of christmas stuff to put up and soon we'll do the tree.

i have a Big Surprise brewing for libby's 16th birthday... but please, if you know it... don't blow it!

and furthermore, the war will end - despite our corporate-military complex's best efforts to continue the conflicts. blessed be.

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Allison said...

Ah yes, the war continues. Now the ghosts can go haunt Obama as they did/do Bush. Hard to rationalize that the pull out has to happen after the midterm elections so the Democrats have a better chance of winning/retaining their seats...especially since that is of no comfort at all to the military personnel and civilians who will die and their families who will morn. Plus....who does it serve really for us to still be in Afghanistan? Well off of the soap box and into the bed...