Thursday, December 17, 2009

into the deep

libby had to create a project around a list of virtues or other things she valued. her list went through some iterations, and it was interesting to see what she added or eliminated.

one of the changes she discussed with me was whether or not imagination was a worthy substitute for passion, which was on her original list. i don't know that much about passion, she said, with the unconscious wistfulness of someone who is sweet 16 and never been kissed. but what do you think about imagination, mommy? is that something to be valued?

i think its the most important thing there is, i said. without imagination, nothing that humans make could ever exist. everything, even passion, begins in someone's imagination first, as an idea or an image first. everything - even those things that are the most technical or concrete - begins in someone's head long before anyone attempts to turn it into physical reality.

i'm glad you think i made a good choice, said libby.

and that's why the first candle i light, three days before the "official" solstice, is a black one.

and furthermore, the war - all of them - will end. blessed be.

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Judy Vars said...

When is the official solstice?