Saturday, December 5, 2009

full court press

the clock is ticking and the countdown begins. i have to be out of here by eight am on wednesday morning. half of the items on my list are accomplished, the other half await the assistance of a Strong Young Man with Power Tools.

as i observed to my friend, allison, once, the older you get, the harder it is to rustle up strong young men with power tools. this is yet another reason why it is good to have straight daughters or gay sons if you are going to turn into an old lady like i am.

at any rate, i've accomplished much:

meg's closet is painted, reorganized, and a new curtain installed - one that doesn't drag on the floor :).

meg's dressers are painted and polyurethaned - with acrylic this time, so they won't yellow.

the mirror is hung, the paintings have been picked - many of them already hung - and where the wallshelves are to be arranged has been decided. there are new baskets and boxes and dried flowers. another day or two (or three) and she'll be able to walk in and see a whole new room.... less than two and a half weeks at this point... she will.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Mammatalk said...

I've got a strong, youngish man with some power tools running around here. Need him to run on over for a minute?

Kim said...

I'm sure it will be done, beautiful and Meg will love it.