Friday, August 31, 2007

got VIBE?

i VIBED* yesterday.

i also blew bubbles, lay in the sun, had a chair massage, bought some echinaecea and ginger tonic to boost my immune system, took a long salt bath and a mud mask courtesy of my dear friend, rose, who is kind enough to read and comment on this site :)! (rose - i love your mud mask/face wash stuff. it leaves my skin feeling very soft and not stripped.)

i picked up raine eisler's book, the REAL wealth of nations, but didn't make it any further than the introduction before the heat and the whisper of the breeze in the trees conspired to lure me further into dreamland than i had really intended to go.

i ate some good stuff - like this wonderful almond milk, almond butter, frozen peach smoothie and three bottles of acasia juice - and some not so good stuff - like potato chips and shortbread cookies with my coffee. i justify the not-so-good stuff by figuring that if this happened to be my last day on earth, would i want to have eaten the chips? since the answer is always damn straight, i can pretty much justify eating anything i want. (fortunately i seem to expend a lot of energy doing other things.)

it was such a delicious, decadent day, and i let myself savor every minute of it. if it had turned out to be my last day on earth, it surely was a good one. so let me leave you with this today... if yesterday were your last day on earth... what did you do, and what do you wish you had done?

*VIBE'ing is a form of energy healing.


Carol Burge said...

I'm gonna have to try this "VIVE" Sounds like someting I'd like! :)



rose said...

What a wonderful day! You certainly deserve it!!!

I'm with you on the justifying ~ I can justify just about anything I want. And I mean anything ~ as long as it sits in balance with my integrity. In some ways, decadence has become one of my mantras. :D

Glad you like the facial clay! I've been using that blend for a few years now and only recently decided to share it as a product. More to come on that front!

As for your question: I pretty much live each day as I choose, with the occasional obligatory exception (which even those hold value). After all, I am a fierce champion for freeing free will! I pray more folks check into theirs.

Ashe. Ashe.