Friday, August 17, 2007

granny wants to go home

roey wants to go home. it's hit her that she can't.... that she really can't.... and she's sad. the reality is sinking in and i don't think it's a truth she's ever expected to have to deal with.

i wish i could say something like... roey... you knew that someday you were going to have to leave the house forever, right? you knew at the very least you were going to die, and leave the house behind? and when she agrees, i wish i could wave my hand and say... well... maybe you could just pretend you died and went to heaven?

and when she blinks at me like i've once again taken leave of my senses.... i wish i could say....

well, look around you... you're in this beautiful place, surrounded by paintings, and flowers and kind and caring people who's only job is to serve you and take care of your every possible need. you have your photos and your favorite chair. you have your tv. you have clean clothes and soft sheets and blankets. you have your own bathroom, your own sitting room. you overlook a golf course and can watch the trees change through the seasons. and best of all, you're surrounded by the people who love you, who are happy you are close enough to pop in and have a cup of coffee or lunch with. how much closer to heaven is it really possible to get?

i wish i could get her to see that places are just places and where you are is never as important as who you are with. maybe that's the Lesson she has yet to learn... and why roey can't go Home... yet.

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