Tuesday, August 21, 2007

that which does not kill us...

...makes us really tired.

since we made the decision a week ago last sunday - was it only last sunday? - to move my grandmother up here, life has certainly speeded up a notch. it's been difficult, too, with my two youngest daughters being in california, visiting my father. my stepmother, alice, has alzheimer's. daddy hasn't put her in a home yet, but i think she's going downhill fast. the poor woman can't remember that the girls are staying there, and keeps asking them why they are there. meg and libby will be home on friday.... but i will be in new jersey then... shutting up the house.

in the meantime... THIS house is in need of some serious TLC. i have the house divided into "zones" ... (check out flylady.net for some amazing tips on running a household).... and today i will focus on Zones 1 and 2 - meaning the entry ways, and the kitchen and the deck. i bought a cute table at the used furniture store to refinish for roey's little kitchen area. i got it sanded sunday, and so i will put a first coat of paint on it today. i want to put a checkerboard stencil on it and some flowers... maybe a heart or two... so i need to go to the craft store. i also noticed my grandmother could use some new socks. today is my grocery shopping day and i want to get food so there's stuff here for the girls when they get home. but first im going to give myself an hour in the garden... and then a nice long soak in a lavender-scented tub :).

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rose said...

prayers . . . intentions . . .reiki . . . love . . . all heading your way, if you need them. Take what you may need in the moment and deflect the rest to wherever it may add the most value.

And I'm here for the more mundane, practical, utilitarian aspects as well. Just holler.