Tuesday, January 22, 2008

full moon in leo

the full moon in leo is a good time to look at the shadows or the blocks that might prevent one's light from shining as brightly as it can in the world. it's a time to examine old fears, old limiting beliefs,and old issues that may be holding one back from allowing who one REALLY is to be fully present.

the entrance of the sun in acquarius is always an invitation to consider social causes and right action - the full moon in leo reminds us to look inside first and make sure there's no icky stuff to clog up the works. this is a time to examine and conquer hidden fears, so that we may step more completely into ourSelves.

the full moon in leo as the sun enters aquarius reminds me that in order to truly be who i am, i must confront and accept my own inner shadow. if the capricorn new moon suggested a need for fluid structure in order to manifest this new cycle's harvest, the energy of this moon suggests that it might be fruitful to first contemplate what or where the blocks might be.

leo is a fire sign. it accents showmanship and being seen, drama, recreation, praise and flattery. it’s the sign that encourages us to step out into the world in our full power… to be - in the words of a very clever advertising slogan - all that we can be. under a leo full moon in Leo, all creatures want to feel special and loved, and that includes ourselves.

this morning my first goal is to put the final, final, final tweaks on jack and sarah and then print out a beautiful new copy and mail it to jenn by high noon. already i can feel other characters nudging, jostling, pushing for position, for recognition, for attention: pick me pick me pick me ... the insistent whispers rise.... tell mine tell mine tell mine... mine's the best story...mine mine...mine...i swear i swear i swear you'll see you'll see you'll see.

i intend to hold those voices at bay for at least a week. the house needs attention, it's time to give thought to planning spring projects. i'm starting spring cleaning this week - in my bathroom, one of the places where an insidious kind of sludge can accumulate if i dont pay attention. i'm also planning on devoting some time to reconnecting and strengthening connections with friends, old and new.

tonight...i will consider again... what am i manifesting?

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


absolutelyacorn said...

You have alot of company in your head don't you....
hmm.. what are you manifesting? Hopefully not a haircut...lol

Stacie said...

I love it when you write about what moon we are in, and what it means for us.