Sunday, January 27, 2008

seasonal rotations

the stirring in my blood propelled me through a whirlwind frenzy of cleaning and freshening in bedroom and bath yesterday. aided by my able apprentices, i hauled the last of the christmas decorations went up to the attic - though the snowmen and red winter berries are still in play.

a new kissing ball hangs over our bed. the dust bunnies are banished, new rugs carpet the floors. two trash bags of clutter - mostly old shoes and cosmetics from the days i still wore such things - are now consigned to the rubbish heap. a pile of gently worn clothing awaits consignment to a Worthy Cause. the drawers and closets and cupboards are swept and sorted and saged.

the energy of the room doesn't just feel cleaner, it feels lighter and higher. in addition to cleaning, i also planned my spring projects - and either acquired or ordered most of the materials to accomplish them. a bit of refinishing and sewing will freshen the room even more. with a bit more planning and focus, they will be completed by the equinox.

i know some of the impetus comes from my childhood, when carpets and drapes and slipcovers were hauled up-and-down and on-and-off with precision regularity. but lately i have come to realize that it also comes from the ebb and flow of energy i feel more and more acutely all the time. my house is both canvas and mirror through rise and flow and fall.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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My name is Stacie. said...

I love cleaning, but even more than that, I love a clean house. Clutter and messes on the outside make me feel cluttered and messy on the inside, and then I get anxious, stressed out and grumpy. If I lived alone, I would have very few possessions, and live in a very minimalistic environment.