Friday, February 1, 2008

a baby bite of the Big Apple

a predicted blast of icy weather has cancelled schools across the state. what astonishes me is how balmy yesterday was - a sunny 40 in new york city, at any rate.

but new york city is a magical place. anyone who doubts that cant have spent much time there. countrified hermit that i am, even i always have fun, despite the fact the city intimidates my very soul. the buildings are so high, the streets are so teeming, the landscape creates a tension between up and immediate vincinity. the architecture draws my eyes up, to the serene sky, but all around myself, i feel buffeted by churning tides both seen and unseen. one looks up at one's peril.

but, oh, those churning tides. there is an energy to the place unlike anywhere else. new york owes its existence to the fact it sits at the juncture of one of the largest natural harbors in north america. before there were fleets of taxis or buses or bicycles or even ships.... there were tides.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


My name is Stacie. said...

Are you in NYC now? Is that why it's been so quiet in the Anniesphere?

Although I too am a hermit, I so love NYC - but only to visit. It is truly a magical place and the pulsating energy is unmistakable.

I never thought about the fact that part of that energy may be due to the churning tides. As always, very insightful!

Kaliska said...

I found this through the writer's group on and just thought it sounded interesting. ^_^

I amazon-ed your novel and it looks like another group to add to my ever-expanding list of things to read. Congrats on all the positive reviews too!