Sunday, February 3, 2008

fires of imbolc; blessings of bride

the sky had a milky cast to it this morning when i walked the puppies, though the stars were still quite bright. for a few seconds i was confused and wondered how stars could be so bright through a veil of clouds. then i realized the sky was clear, and beginning to brighten. it was just after 530, the earliest glimmer of dawn i've seen in a long time.

today we celebrated my grandmother's 95th birthday. she exhibited all her usual vinegar. initially she refused to come downstairs at all. she threatened to faint, to fall, and to wet her pants. only baby jake merited a real smile.

the rest of us had a good time.

a couple weeks ago i was actually a bit concerned for her health. she'd come down wiht the miserable virus that had me laid low for so long, and i really did wonder ever so briefly if it could be possible that god and the devil had settled their argumment and one of them was about to take her off my hands.

then i walked in last monday to find her sitting in the lobby, waiting to have her hair done. when i complimented her on how well she looked, she replied, well, i certainly didn't expect to see you today!

i like to keep you guessing, old girl, i said, as i kissed her on the forehead.

i remind myself that both bride and pele - fire goddesses both - appear to those who would seek their favors as a querolous old woman.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


My name is Stacie. said...

Wow, walking at 5:30am! You must be an early bird!

TinasTribe said...

Your heart shows like the sun when it comes to you grandmother. When she takes her last breath you will be the person on her mind. How much, even though she pushed you away, you loved her through it all. Notice she is so full of vinegar to push you away and you use that same weapon to draw her near.