Wednesday, February 13, 2008

intuitive eating

about a year ago, i began to get a lot of Messages around what would be Good for me to eat. my Angels and Guides were at great pains to assure me there was Nothing i couldn't eat if i so choose. however, if i wanted to improve my health, enhance my energy, lose a few pounds AND clear my psychic channels - they suggested i could make a few changes i would find immensely beneficial.

i won't bore you all here with the excrutiating details of how They gently coaxed me down the path. as a dear friend of mine remarked, "i'd listen to Them - They're nice to you, annie - other people aren't so fortunate."

all through the fall, i struggled to adapt my thinking to what i Felt my Angels were suggesting that i eat. and then weeks ago, i happened to hear of a book called Intuitive Eating. a lot of what i heard about it made a lot of sense, especially within the context of how and what the Angels were encouraging me to eat.

i bought the book and - hah - devoured it - within a few days. the book's principles are simple. the authors not only confirmed the Deep Wisdom i'd been Hearing, but gave me permission to Listen. it was validation of the best kind. for the first time in years and years, i am at peace with what i eat.

sometimes in retrospect i wonder what took me so long, but i've only to turn on the tv, open a magazine or surf the internet to answer that question. it's one thing to Hear the still, small Voice. it's quite another to heed it.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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