Thursday, October 8, 2009

the Angels on empaths and "brown" foods...

Empaths are getting a lot of press lately. Lately almost everyone I know claims to be one. One even showed up on this season's Ghost Whisperer. (I used to love that show - used to being the operative phrase.)

An empath is someone who is extraordinarily sensitive to the feelings of others AND is able to transmute those feelings into something better. You leave the presence of an empath feeling better about yourself or your life, often for some reason you can't quite name. Empaths are like deep sea sponges saturated with so much divine love and grace it leaks out to everyone. Not much frightens them because nothing shakes the inward connection they have to the Divine.

Such truly evolved empaths are still relatively rare. However, ALL people have the ability to develop their empathy skills - empathy, after all, is a fundamental part of our human nature. Children who fail to develop empathy turn into serial killers, narcissists, and sociopaths. Part of the "Big Waking Up" as the Angels sometimes call the process we are all going through is that more and more of us are aware of our empathic abilities.

Newly aware empaths will sometimes turn to foods - specifically brown foods* full of cushioning fats and softening sweets - to create a natural buffer between themselves and a world they feel too intensely. This is why many lightworkers, especially as they begin to develop their abilities, develop some extra cushioning. Women at menopause typically put on a few extra pounds for many reasons, and among them is that psychically, a woman is entering her most sensitive time of life.

The energy of brown foods is grounding. Some indigenous cultures believe that infants, until they're weaned or turn a certain age, aren't fully "human" and may not even give them names. What this reflects is that until a child eats "brown" food, his energy body is not fully anchored into his flesh.

Just as under our skins, we have a kind of spider-man suit called the fascia which holds us all together, there's a similiar layer of energy that connects the energy body into the physical body. This layer is directly nourished by brown foods energetically, so eating brown foods literally grounds us into our own flesh. (No wonder eating too many of them will make us fat faster than any other kind of food!)

Thus, all evolving empaths must learn to fill themselves not with brown foods or other people's emotions but with an awareness of the Divine Love that emanates from the spark of Spirit within all of us. If you completely saturate a sponge with clean water, it can't pick up anything else.

An evolved empath lifts the energy all around her, and is not brought down by the presence of negative or sad or depressing people. Such a person might never ENJOY those people's company, but she is not affected personally.

Therefore, it's especially important for empathic people to pay close attention to the brown foods they eat and to eat brown foods with awareness of the kind of energy they contain. Wholesome grains and starches provide not just fuel for what we do in the world, but also energy to nourish the connection between our physical bodies and soul-bodies as well.

*brown foods include grains and starchy vegetables such as corn and potatoes.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Martha said...

Please pass me the potatoes! I'm taking care of sick people here. Hey, just a little empathetic humor, it really is the little things, isn't it, dear G.A.?

A Lil Enchanted said...

Thanks for sharing... I had no idea about the brown foods. I don't consider myself a true empath... but I do seem to absorb and take on the moods of those around me.

A Lil Enchanted,