Friday, August 13, 2010

honoring hecate

i spent the day gathering items to be recycled, given away or sent to consignment. this evening, as the sun was setting, i gathered an offering of sweet annie (the herb that encourages friendly spirits); white sage and dead roses that i'd been drying on my hearth since the solstice. they were a particularly pretty peachy-pink color, and i thought the Goddess might find them especially pleasing.

i took my offering down to the stone pillars where the driveway crosses a brook that runs from the chrysanthemum fields next door. i lit my candle - dark purple - and threw my offering into the waters in hecate's honor. then i carried my candle and placed it in front of the buddha statue on our front porch.

the dogs are curled beside my feet, im sipping a cup of sage tea. the smoke from burning herbs curls beneath my nose. the peepers are noisy but the air has a hint of that unmistakable chill. blessed be.


Divaeva said...

sounds wonderful Annie... closing my eyes I actually feel like I am there with you sipping tea... *laughs* so I hope you don;t mind ;)

Walk in the Woods said...

Blessed be.