Friday, August 20, 2010

number one thousand

this is it. blog post 1000. one of the benefits of blogging is that i can look back over the last three years (has it really been three years since i started blogging?) and i see how much and how little my life has changed. so much is essentially the same... and yet so much is fundamentally different.

on the same side -

i still have both parents and both step-parents. i haven't lost any sisters or brothers or sisters or brothers in law. step-sibs are doing fine. children are still children - older and more or less wiser. like me and Beloved. we still live in the same place, in the same time and occupy our time doing more or less the same things. many of my friends are still the same.

on the different side -

my grandmother's gone. im a grandmother, myself. the house my great-grandfather built nearly 100 years ago belongs to someone else. i've made some new friends, explored some new places, and read a lot of new books. i continue to learn about myself and the people around me.

so what about you, Gentle Reader? what's the same in your life as three years ago? and what's different?

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Kathy said...

I think these last three years have been a doorway for me. My mother died, my son married and had two children (not necessarily in that order), I found my power in leading a board without letting people push me around, I've found strength to be the me I am and not what other people think I should be. It seems to be the same for some of my other friends who have turned 50. Are we late bloomers?

Mammatalk said...

Congrats on the 1,000 post! Three years ago I had a 3 week old newborn and a two year old. Not a lot of sleep going on then. :+)

Bonnie said...

3 years ago I started a new job and I'm still there today. I had one son move out and get married and the other move back in. One wedding, two babies another wedding in the works. Oh and I got a new car! Everything else...still the same :)

Kim said...

In three years bio has moved across country and I now have my kids 24/7. They have have grown, matured and relaxed. I have let things, people and committees go (in whatever way they needed) and concentrated on what is really important to me.