Sunday, August 15, 2010

pussycat, pussycat....

...where have you been?" ...."i've been to London to see the Queen..."

i'm a writer because my mother is a character. literally. its not so much watching her work a room that i enjoy, i realized today at the tea. its watching the expressions on the faces of the people to whom she's talking.

people love my mother. some people, that is. (some people despise her, but we won't go into who those people are or why that might be.) however, what i have noticed is that people who aren't captivated by my mother are usually threatened by her. and there is definitely a side to my mother that IS threatening and even downright terrifying and many other things besides - not all of them nice.

but whatever she is in any given moment, there is always a passion and a rich juiciness about how my mother embraces life that has never once dimmed, despite daunting challenges. she is the same force of nature at 75 that i remember when i was 5. she gave me many advantages, but the one she gave me that matters most is the image she continues to provide of Goddess Incarnate. in all her manifestations, my mother is never less than a Force to be reckoned with. even in her most human moments, my mother is magnificent.

its a quality you just don't see in a lot of people.

so happy birthday, once again, mommy... forever may you reign.

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