Thursday, December 15, 2011

Grown-up comfort food

I was hungrier than I thought I'd be after my 22-minute stints yesterday afternoon.  A recipe on a new friend's blog, Spontaneous Accomplishment, caught my eye the other day.  Kathy is such a good writer that her receipes make my mouth water even when she's talking about food I don't like. 

At any rate, she inspired me to saute a purple onion and some garlic in olive oil while waiting for  my pasta to cook.  I added a third of a bag of spinach.  While waiting for the greens to wilt, I noticed the bag of Italian herbs and spices my friend Patrice brought me from her Mediterranean cruise. 

"You've probably never heard of the place," she said, as I opened the present and read the words on the packet.  "But it's an island -"

"Off the coast of Naples," I said.  Isola d'Ischia said the label.  It's the island my great-grandparents are from.

Last night when I opened the package, the scent of my grandmother's kitchen poured out.  I sprinkled on the herbs with a generous hand, and ate my supper curled up in my great-grandmother's rocking chair. 

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Walk in the Woods said...

Comfort, indeed. What a delicious post. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Perfect synchronicity Annie...grandmothers and comfort! No doubt you are creating the ground for your own grandaughters to have the same experience some day...and the pasta sounds delicious!

Kim said...

Ahhhh! Sigh of conentment.