Thursday, December 22, 2011

Light and life to all, it brings

It really does feel like a new year.  The world was washed clean last night in a rainstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning.  I have to admit that my only concern about the storm was that we wouldn't lose power in the middle of the finale of American Horror Story..which had a lot of satisfying moments and a few surprises. 

Yesterday afternoon, the house was quiet after my grandchildren and Libby left.  I fed and walked the puppies.  The silence and the solitude felt good.  I lit green candles and ran a bath.   Sunset on the longest night of the year found me immersed in a tub of salt water, meditating, sloughing and rinsing both literally and figuratively. 

Dinner was salad of mostly spinach - rich green seems to the color that keeps coming to me this season in many forms.  I added celery and carrots and strawberries for unexpected sweetness, and dressed it with raspberry vinagrette.  I made enough for breakfast, too, because I've learned that the more salad I eat - in almost any combination of fruit or vegetable - the better I feel. As a nod to my ancestors who venerated the pig, and to honor my own birth in the year of the Pig, I cooked pork tenderloins breaded in cornmeal and laced with the dried herb mixture my friend Rose makes.  Dessert was a scoop of sweet cream ice cream over a splash of Midleton's in a cup of coffee. 

I spent the evening cuddled up with Libby.  Before the old sun set, I brought the Samhain pumpkins inside, and this morning, we carved them up in four quarters.  With the new sun growing stronger by the minute, I'll take them outside today and leave them at the four quarters and the midpoints. 

I fell asleep to the sound of the rain and slept well.  I watched the new sun rise while I walked the puppies this morning, and noticed the thin crescent of the old moon shining behind the trees.  Blessed be. 

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Kim said...

Blessings sweet Annie!!!