Tuesday, February 23, 2010

back to the gym

maybe it was hawaii. maybe it's the fact Beloved's been faithfully hauling his shrinking belly to the gym every day. maybe it's the fact i've been Hearing i need some exercise and the ice isn't melting in the driveway soon enough.

whatever it was, while i was in hawaii, i took a long hard look at why i wasn't exercising, and decided that i really have absolutely no excuse not to exercise. what i lacked was focus, discipline and a plan.

i looked at my calendar and my daily routine and decided there was no reason not to schedule workouts when i am feeling most energetic. i also decided there was no reason why i wasn't being more faithful to my yoga routine.

im not interested in how i look so much as i how i feel. i realized i could be feeling a lot stronger, lighter, and more flexible than i feel right now. all i had to do was decide to do something about it... and then follow through.

so i have. i looked back at what i liked when i was working out seriously, and what i didn't. i looked at what i've learned about myself - that much as i like to do my own thing, like my dogs and children, i do best when i put myself on a daily schedule.

i carved out two hours every day, and signed up with Beloved's gym. our preferred times of day to work out don't correspond, so i doubt we will spend much time exercising together. i met with a personal trainer yesterday, who's going to help me create a weekly program so i can show up at more or less the same time every day and do Something.

it won't take you long to get back into shape, the trainer said, when i offered i wasn't looking for a quick fix. your muscles will remember. you're already lifting more than some men can when they start.

after two days of working out, i can tell that my muscles do.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I have been feeling the same way lately....like I'm getting rickety and losing muscle and flexibility. I have absolutely NO EXCUSE for not getting a good yoga or dance session in...you've motivated me : )

Walk in the Woods said...

Yeah - good for you! And I must thank you for the inspiration ... after our chat last week I've begun moving this ol' body every day since ... first a little, then a little more ... and I feel a momentum building.

Patrice said...

Yay for exercising! It's really making a difference for me... slowly at first, and now I can really feel it. I'm stronger and move more easily. I only started in the end of December (to beat the big New Year's rush) and so I have about 8 weeks behind me now.

I'm enjoying it.

And you're right -- the body really does remember.