Saturday, February 13, 2010

in the works

you know you've been spending too much time at home depot when the nice people who work there recognize you when you ask them for help.

today, Beloved and i went to buy the rest of the materials needed to finish renovating the laundry side of meg's bathroom. due to time constraints, joe-the-builder was only able to complete half the room - her bathroom side of the room - before she came home last december.

the laundry room project had stalled for other reasons, too, mostly because we were having trouble finding a sink we liked that could hold the 40+ gallons our ancient oversize washing machine spewed out.

then the beast had the grace to die.

the new one, a monster of efficiency and environmental responsibility, uses about a third as much water as far as i can tell as the old one did, and thus, in one fell swoop, our sink issue resolved itself.

we got a white sink cabinet and the biggest white sink we could find. the countertop is marbled black and dark blue, but no one's going to see much of it because of the size of the sink. we decided to carry the white subway tiles around the room, with random blue tiles and white braid around the top. no glass, though, on this side. there's space to build shelves and put up some hooks for brooms and mops.

my one conundrum is what to do for a divider between the two areas. so far we've considered folding doors, vertical blinds, and floor to ceiling curtains or drapes of some kind. i've tried using shelves, but the space is too small. as i said to Beloved today, however, the room is still evolving. i saw some pretty ideas in a catalogue today. im hoping something will suggest itself.

i'll post some before pictures before we get started.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.

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