Sunday, February 21, 2010

stewing in stories

ideas come to me like money to misers. i always sort of snicker at the novice writer who doesn't want to share her or his Big Idea. what the young writer doesn't know is that ideas are the easy part... especially in my world. anything can spark one... a billboard, an article, a song, a house. before i know it, they rise, some shining like diamonds, some ephemeral as foam.

they toss and turn and tumble, churning in my head like amino acids in the primordial soup. every so often, they combine, gathering enough mass and energy to crate a cogent form.

your head, observed a friend of mine, must be a really busy place.

at this point, i've got seven Ideas in various stages of completion. it's beginning to drive even me a little batty. my intention for this spring, i've decided, in terms of my Writing, is to tame some of this jumble in my head... to, like a good gardener, sort and prune and trim, and ultimately, find just the right conditions for all my Babies to grow.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.