Friday, February 19, 2010

granny annie cooks...

seared purple cabbage

i'm always looking for ways to add more purple veggies to my daily rainbow, and i found this receipe in the new york times:

1 small head purple cabbage (the smaller the better, as i found out.)
2 tbsp olive oil
sea salt and fresh ground pepper

heat olive oil in cast iron skillet preferably. chop cabbage into 8 equal wedges. when oil is hot, add cabbage and sear on both sides of the wedge. serve immediately with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

that's it. Beloved was lukewarm at best; i found it addicting to the point where i was scouring the burnt bits out of the pan.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.

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Kim said...

Yum, sounds like something I would love. Mom would saute cabbage, add bowtie pasta and caraway seeds.