Thursday, February 4, 2010

catching up and filling in

the suitcases are empty, the laundry is clean, the puppies are calm. all the projects and then some that i put on the back-burner until i "got home" are starting to rear their heads metaphorically and literally. the last few days i've resisted putting things on my calendar, but that's going to stop today.

my energy felt remarkably aligned with the season's this year - i spent a very quiet imbolc meditating on where i would like to put my energies next both long and short term, thinking about what sort of garden i would like to grow, what harvests i would like to reap.

i started back to work on the Eating the Angel Way book, and started a new series on the blog on how to start the spring time feeling rested, renewed and restored - even if you haven't spent two weeks in hawaii.

today is my grandmother's 97 birthday. her energy feels easy and at peace. me, not so much. this morning, once the house clears out - which thankfully, it will - i plan to spend some time creating a mandala for myself, and a more perfect vision of the directions in which i want my energy to flow.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.

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Walk in the Woods said...

A mandala - wonderful!

Kim said...

Welcome home! It was so good to see you.