Monday, March 1, 2010

finding fifty things

ive set myself a new Spring Cleaning and DeCluttering Challenge, based on a new book i'm reading... to find fifty "things" to throw away, give away, or sell before the end of the month.

today i started in the far corner of my bedroom.

so far i've tossed:

1 2000 engagement calendar (i tore out the pictures to use for SoulCollage cards)
1 half-burnt heart shaped candle
1 pair of gloves
6 books (these i'll send to my mother)
1 hopelessly stained sweatshirt

not bad for twenty minutes worth of work. :)

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Walk in the Woods said...

Nicely done!

I bet I got rid of 50 things last month ... and I think I'll do it again, along with you, and keep count. What fun!

Sage Moonstone said...

What book did you find this idea in? I love it!

I think I'm going to try it this month too...