Tuesday, March 23, 2010

progress, slow and steady

the past few days - the weekend, especially - were far too pretty to sit inside and write. the sun felt wonderful - almost as good as it felt in hawaii in january. i still remember how the tropical sun felt when i stepped off the plane, how every cell in my body seemed to turn of its own volition toward the light.

today's a baby jake day, and its nowhere near as nice. i'm hoping to get a little bit of work done around the house before he gets here.

the laundry room is just about finished, but for the painting - i picked the color with meg's help yesterday. it's a faded blue-jeans blue that i think will both complement and delineate the bathroom space. when it's in a state to be photographed i'll post some pictures.

i also have my three big bookcases stained. they're going in my writing room - i've decided to try and consolidate the books as much as possible into three main areas: my writing room, don's music room and the new exercise room we're creating out of what used to be a kid-bedroom.

i weeded out a lot of books and i'm hoping to continue that process, maybe even with baby jake's help. yesterday, i sorted out at least a shelf and a half of books that are ready to find someone else to love them.

joe the builder will be here today to tile the floor in meg's closet and the entrance to her room. my goal is to get that side of the downstairs painted, cleaned and all put away by next week, so joe can start on the exercise space.

my seedlings are up, tiny little sprouts of green and i got a start on my spring gardening: i began with the bed in the center of the driveway since the whole back is going to be torn up quite soon.

i've been working on Stud Farm - im over 20,000 words and the first four chapters are in good enough shape to send off to my agent with a synopsis. my goal is to send off that proposal by my birthday next week.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Oh my ... is that what I'm thinking? You resurrected that wonderful story premise? Oh my ... I do hope so. While I may have woven my own fantasy around the idea ... I'll be more than delighted to consider yours!

Merry writing!