Tuesday, March 16, 2010

this little blogger went AWOL

it feels like its been weeks since i last sat down to blog. it's not that i haven't been writing - quite the opposite in fact. i've been writing a lot, which has felt really nice. i have an idea i've been kicking around for years and years and it's finally coming together. when i have fifty good pages - which i nearly do - im going to send it my agent with a synopsis to see what she thinks. my goal is to do this by my birthday.

i've been going faithfully to the gym nearly every day - with the only time i've taken off due to soreness and bad tummy troubles. in the last three weeks since i started this regimen, i've seen a .7% drop in my overall amount of body-fat - not a huge loss, but certainly one i can feel, and one that hasn't left me feeling ravenous and deprived.

i got my seeds started - this year im branching out into some of the flowers i feel like i can never get enough of - forget-me-nots, carnations, and purple coneflowers. im not giving up on lavendar or tarragon, but i've thrown in the towel on dill. (witches can't grow dill...or at least so say certain old wives' tales. i've never had any luck with it, and not for lack of trying... i love dill.)

the renovatons continue on the laundry room, and we're about to move into phase two of the work we began when meg left for ireland last fall. i've also started to stain some bookcases for my writing room - i'm moving around some furniture as the rooms downstairs get done.

today's a baby jake day, and im trying to decide if i want to go to the gym before i pick him up... or while he's napping.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.

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highlandwriter said...

lol annie. i feel the same way too. some days. a/b my blog.

congrats on the new story your working on. thus far, i've only been journaling this year. of course, i aspire to do more. :-)