Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more of fifty things

despite Beloved being sick as a dog from either a tummy bug or food poisoning, i found some time to continue on my clutter-busting. now that i've gotten the hang of it, it's not as difficult as i thought it would be.

it all comes down to one simple question - when i hold it, does it make me feel heavy, or light?

today, i collected:

1 abraham pamphlet
1 book
1 chewed xmas ornament (yes, it was my favorite for years and years, but its too chewed to put on the tree and whats the point of an xmas ornament you can't hang anywhere?)
1 dog toy - even more chewed
1 address book (for a giveaway)
2 fairy wands (another giveaway)
1 fairy doll (again, a giveaway)
1 himalayan salt lamp (also a giveaway)
1 box of business cards
1 dozen painted wooden flowers
1 living room lamp
1 bear pin
1 candle holder (not my style)
1 broken candle-holder lamp

at this rate, i'll have fifty things by friday. what clutter have YOU collected, Gentle Reader?

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Walk in the Woods said...

Let me get back to ya!

And I simply love your "one simple question!"

highlandwriter said...

clutter?? mainly, too many books -- they are piled up everywhere!