Monday, March 1, 2010

it's march

march is my favorite month of the year. not only was i born on the very last day of it, in the last three hours and five minutes of it, but three of the most important people in my life were born in this month: my daddy (happy birthday, daddy, if you read this), my son and my ex-husband.

and it's the month that brings spring. i don't care how cold the air still is, i don't care how hard the winds blow. i don't care what the weather does... by march there's no doubt at all that the light is getting brighter and the sun is coming back.

the wind is howling in the trees this morning, but the birds are calling in the branches, a sound that's been getting steadily more frequent in the last couple weeks. the sun's gold behind the clouds, and there's a hint of green beneath the snow.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking those thoughts this morning as I waited at the bus stop with my Littleman. He even commented on how much louder the birds were this morning and the wind was a bit warmer. Ahhhhhhh.

Walk in the Woods said...

It's a glorious month isn't it?

I marveled at the sound of the snow melting off the south-facing rooftop this afternoon ... it sounded like a downpour, yet the sun was blazing! It was very confusing and I actually closed the window blind for while!