Monday, December 24, 2007

blow winds blow

...and crack your cheeks...

those lines of lear's reverberated through my head last night as i listened to the winds howl, the rain slash, and stood back while Beloved dealt with his mother, his daughter and his ex-wife. beleagured was the word that came to mind.

it's always easier to watch someone else's psychodramas than to participate in one's own.

this time of year brings out the child in everyone. unfortunately, what frequently emerges first is the needy child, the hungry child, the child who is far more concerned about what he or she is going to get, than anything he or she might be asked to give. this is why my friend Mr. BIQ thinks that this time of year "us all" are involved in petition magic. this is why it is critical that that Child be met by an Adult.

because whether the Child is an inner child or an outer child, that Child must be recognized and validated, accepted and heard, in all its nasty, shameful, disgusting, messy glory. it is critical to do that, not simply for the sake of internal and external harmoney, but because once you get to that place, you have reached the place of healing, where the Magic happens, where Source begins and you end.

that is what i believe the gods/goddessess/powers-that-be want for us. they don't particularly care whether or not we are "happy." all they really want us to be are our Selves.

when the winds blow and crack their cheeks and the Child inside me starts to cry, the Mother of my Self comes forward, and wraps My arms around me, and holds me close. the first Person i take care of is always my Self. and that's why i can stand in the middle of the maelstrom.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


~~ Cynthia ~~ said...

Annie -- Your blog has been to me a priceless gift of your imagination, your language wizardry, your wisdom and your willingness to share with your Faithful Readers much of who you are, who you have been and the shining person you are becoming. I wish you a blessed Christmas with all the joy your heart can hold (which will have expanded infinitely to accomodate your new grandchild), and I thank you from the bottom of my own heart for this gift you give us daily.

Thank you -- Merry Christmas!

kristalWilder said...

Gosh the wind was insane here in se ky the other night,, I thought my trailer was going to rip apart