Tuesday, December 18, 2007

miles to go

the frozen tundra outside the front door makes the thought of running errands today absolutely distasteful. i feel the full force of the call of the ancient african sun under which this DNA took shape. stay inside, it pleads... for the love of all that's human, stay inside. wrap yourself in afghans, cuddle with the dogs. bake cookies if you must. just dont step outside into that arctic waste.

if only. my day begins with a quick stop at the gas station, a visit to my grandmother, then a working lunch with laura to discuss classes and workshops for the upcoming year. i need to pick up libby by 1:45, stop at the drugstore for our prescriptions and pick up a few stocking stuffers. then on to her doctor's appt at three, and michaels the craft store after that. im pretty sure pizza is on the menu for dinner, because i'm off to the cosi girls book group at 700.

the car's already warm, i'm showered and dressed for the weather. zones 3 & 4 are fluffed and swished and swiped, the laundry's together and a list for meg is lying on the table. if i'm lucky i'll steal a kiss or two from baby jake between 130 and 145.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Stacie said...

A busy day, indeed. Stay warm. Oh, and what are "zones 3 & 4?"