Wednesday, December 12, 2007

reaching toward the light

this morning was the first one in quite a few mornings that i woke up feeling at all like myself. that weird re-entry feeling, half-sickness, half-soreness, half-energy detoxification, was gone at last. i felt refreshed enough that given the early hour, i have a shot of getting half of what i'd like to accomplish on my List today done.

i have learned not to squander that feeling, that energy, that charge. the first thing i did was write enough words to flesh out the draft of the first chapter, enough words to make me realize i have a time line problem and that probably accounts for why ive felt the following chapters flowing like frozen molasses. i see that what i am looking at is potentially a prologue - a prologue that could change the tenor of the story, a prologue im not sure needs to be written.

it occurs to me i've been down this road before - the task of teasing out the backstory and fleshing it into Story was what drove me nearly insane writing Silver's Lure. but this is just three chapters and sarah is a sweet kid, not a hideous non-being changeling like timeas revealed himself to be.

i draw nine cards to see what advice Spirit offers, and read this message ...
if i am judicious in my use of time, the day holds much potential. i see the day divided, in solid chunks of time, different facets all demanding some kind of attention. this evening we plan to get our tree. tomorrow is st lucy's day - i'd like to bake my grandmother a cake in honor of her feast day. i'd like to clean up some of the boxes we dragged home. i'd like to check my christmas list and see what's left to be bought, ordered, wrapped and sent.

but i think i'll give til eleven o'clock to sarah.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be!

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Stacie said...

I hope your day proved to be productive!