Monday, December 3, 2007

how i met Beloved - part two

i can't remember exactly what it was that made me cancel my plans to go see PARKPLACE. i remember rescheduling, but those plans, too fell through. i was in no hurry to meet anyone and in even less hurry to drive over 200 miles in any direction.

i had a deadline looming ever faster.

lots of people were taking pity on me. my daddy out in california had sent me tickets for the day after xmas. i was supposed to spend ten days after christmas with him. but shortly after thanksgiving, it became very clear there was absolutely no chance i'd make my deadline if i took ten days off to go to california. plus the girls didn't want me to go.

please, mommy, please stay home, they begged.

so i cancelled my trip.

i remember commiserating with PARK the next morning online. by that time we'd exchanged photographs and phone numbers. he was sympathetic but oddly uncommunicative. i went up to take my shower and as i stepped under the water, i heard the phone ring.

that's PARK, i thought. he's calling to ask me out for new year's eve.

i was right. i called him back when i got out of the shower. you're not going to write on new year's eve, he said. come to manhattan. we'll do times' square. i'll take you to an old speakeasy in the Village - a place writers used to hang out. no strings, no expectations. just be nice.

okay, i said.

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