Saturday, April 11, 2009

catching up

i can't believe its been nearly two weeks since i've posted. one minute it was my birthday and the next - whammo - its EASTER, and april is one third over. i've missed all my bloggy friends but every time i've sat down at my keyboard its either been the characters or the Angels whispering in my ear.

so what've i been up to?

the first third of my novel is slowly taking final form and shape. i realized it was straying too far into romance territory and not that i don't enjoy romance - i don't like romances - as in novels - as a general rule. the ending, after all, is always entirely predictable, and while i used to enjoy them when i was younger and more naive, and the heroines were younger and more naive, i just dont buy the modern versions where you have competent, functional women successful in every avenue of their lives but relationships. a slight tweak here, a few twists there and i like this new incarnation a lot better. (and yes, actually my heroine DOES get her Man, but only as a pleasant afterthought, a reward, so-to-speak, from her Creator (moi) for being such an interesting character... but that's not The Point.)

my seedlings are sprouting - tender little shoots of basil and parsley and cilantro. i finished my angel article for The Door Opener. and i've been walking... two miles every morning, two miles every night, with a couple additional three mile hikes on tuesdays and thursdays. i've been listening to the Angels on exercise - look for more information on that coming soon here - and pondering suitable writing-related topics for my Ask Annie column.

today's the day i read with laura and we have FOUR readings scheduled already.

and furthermore, the war will end... blessed be.


Juls said...

You have been super busy...good for you on the excercise and getting your novel worked on.. Super! I'm glad you could update us on what's been going on! :)

Walk in the Woods said...

Have a GREAT day!

Amy said...

Sounds like your book is coming along. Have fun reading. Will you be able to buy your book? Or are any of your books for sale. Have a Happy Easter.

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Glad to hear your novel is coming along well.

I want to start a garden, but unfortunately with me splitting time between Maryland and Florida I think my little garden would become neglected.

Martha said...

I'm so glad all is well in GrannyAnnieland!

I am Harriet said...

Geez Annie. What the heck happened to ya?

April said...

Hi Annie!
I've been away for the past week or so's good to be back! Sounds like your novel is moving right along...way to go! Congrats, also, for all the walking you're doing...that's awesome!

Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Kim said...

I missed you! Glad the writing is taking shape.