Sunday, April 19, 2009

random sunday run-down

for the last few weeks, Spring has been drawing me out and away from the keyboard. i don't usually NOT feel like writing - or, at least, blogging, but every once in a while, the well seems to run dry. or, if the well isn't dry, i'm not feeling particularly thirsty.

so here, in no particular, is a random run-down of what's been happening in the annie-verse:

1. i'm almost finished my bathroom project. Beloved has to hang the new curtain rod, and i ran out of thread last night making the final panel for the sink skirt, but it's looking very very cute. i'll post photos as soon as he hangs the curtain rod... so if all my Gentle Readers could just clap really loud like we all did in Peter Pan to bring Tinkerbelle back... no, i'm kidding. i think.

2. libby's going off to gettysburg for a few days with a friend and her family as a reward for getting no grade less than A on her most recent report card. she now has the equivalent of a 3.93 gpa, an impressive statistic even in my world, where i don't much care about grades so long as the kid is trying her or his best.

3. the only issue i have with libby going off to gettysburg is that they happen to fall over the three afternoons i take care of baby jake. baby jake just turned 18 mos last monday. he wears a size 4 Toddler. need i say more?

4. the Angels on exercise ... finally. i've been asking and listening and asking and listening, and finally, finally, finally... i got it. look for an upcoming blog post AND the introduction of my new blog: Eating the Angel Way which i will co-author with my research assistant.

5. the first section of Evie is nearly finished to my satisfaction but i'm not ready to move on. i think the story is going to change somewhat past this point and i can almost feel myself gathering the courage to allow that to happen. there's a significant amount of manuscript, after all, and there's a part of me that really resists making deep changes. i keep reminding myself that it's still clay - a lot of clay, maybe - but still ... clay.

6. i've been spending a lot of time playing my piano. it was purchased for my mother some 65 or so years ago, and languished for many years an unplayed hostage in the war between my grandmother and my mother. but it's a lovely little piano - a betsy ross spinet with ivory keys that's found a cozy spot in the living room. the man who came to tune for the first time in nearly 35 years said it didn't sound bad for a piano that had been so neglected.

7. i finished my thank-you notes from my party but i've yet to buy all the stamps. my parsley seedlings are turning into parsley and my basil seedlings are sprouting. so far the only gardening i've been doing is indoors. the farmer next door has been bringing in manure - different kinds, even, if smell means anything - by the truckload and even the spring sunshine and riotous birdsong can't beckon me into that sulphorous bath.

8. i have a lot of catching up on posts and comments. thank you to everyone who's been so kind to check in on me!

9. don't forget to listen to laura and me on internet radio this afternoon at 6:00 PM EST... find us here at Discovering Nature's Spirit!

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Laura Rose said...

As I've said before, while I understand the need for respit, I'm grateful when you're back. Otherwise, my internet circle seems somehow incomplete. :)

Kathy said...

I'm trying to catch up and reconnect. My seedlings are becoming recognizable, which is good since I forgot to label them.
Happy DAY!

john white said...

Sounds like a busy time Annie. I would say some R&R is on the cards.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I can relate to Spring drawing me out and away from the keyboard... :)

I'm really looking forward to seeing pictures of your bathroom project! :) Hear that? It's me clapping... ;)

Libby's going to Gettysburg? As in Gettysburg, PA? That's near my neck of the woods! Hopefully she'll have good weather... :)

Baby Jake sounds like one of my best friends baby boys - he was wearing toddler clothes as an infant, too...we called him 'Bubba'. ;)

I can totally relate about the farmers and their fertilizer...I have a lot of seedlings started in the house that I want to transfer outside, but the smell is overwhelming - that and the 'frost advisories' we've had the past week or so in spite of the warm weather during the hopefully things will all settle down before my seedlings become wildly overgrown... ;)

Enjoy your week! :)

boxofficegirl said...

Hi Annie, good to have you back. Your comments are always welcome.

Juls said...

busy bees are happy bees my grandma always used to say....

Glad you checked in though-- a new blog sounds exciting! :)

Martha said...

So happy to hear from you again. I'm looking forward to your new blog on the Angel Way. Congrats on the bathroom redo and writing!

Amy said...

Wow what a week you have been having. Looks like a lot of things got finished. Happy Sunday.

Lynette said...

enjoy relax birds are singing
smell the roses not the air

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I've been meaning to comment as well Annie...I'm doing okay.....great I think under the corcumstances. I REFUSE to give in!! Hard-headedness does come in handy occasionally eh?
I can't wait to see the new loo and girl.......that's one big ole baby, lol. Post a picture for us won't you?
Take good care and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

NJDecorator said...

I think we are all feeling the spring fever and the need to be away from the keyboard. But I love to hear your thoughts and am glad to let you know that.

imbeingheldhostage said...

What a great recap, and well done Libby!

18 mos wearing a 4t, no, you need not say more ;-)

April said...

Hi Annie!
I haven't forgotten about you, my friend! Sometimes, I miss posts and it's a complete oversight on my part. It's always like a breath of spring to hear from you!

Sure sounds like things are plugging right along in your corner of the world. I can't get over Baby Jake wearing a 4T! He's a growing boy, I guess! :) Would love to see some new pictures!

Hope you have a wonderful's going to be nice and warm here today!

pam said...

Your piano sounds like a treasure.