Tuesday, September 9, 2008

grammy's ring

a few weeks ago, i mentioned my Other Grandmother, the one i called grammy. she died when i was ten, so i didn't know her nearly half so well as i came to know the one i called roey. when i first began to open to my psychic gifts, she was among the first three spirits who came to me.

at first, i was confused, because when she said she was "my grandmother," my first thought was... she's not dead. and then the little Voice said: your Other Grandmother is, and memories of grammy came flooding back.

my father was her youngest child. she had four boys all together, and all those boys had sons, except for me. i was her only granddaughter. at various points in my life, i have felt her energy close around me.

this summer, before i went to california, i asked her for a sign. nothing too big, just a little something, i asked, so i would know she really WAS with me. a couple weeks after i returned, i got my sign.

out of the blue one day, my father called. i just got off the phone with uncle joe, he said. he was cleaning out an old suitcase that hadn't been touched in 20 odd years. inside he found an envelope marked "mom's ring." inside the envelope was a ring.

then my dad choked up. you were her only granddaughter. we both want you to have it. we know that's what she would've wanted.

today the ring arrived, a moonstone set in yellow gold, surrounded by little sapphires and diamonds. it fit me perfectly.

you know the funny thing about that ring, my father said, the last time we spoke. i was with my father the day he went to pick it out. i remember that ring. isn't that amazing? of all the pieces of jewelry she had, i remember that one.

so did grammy, daddy. so did grammy.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Spirit said...

How fortunate you are that even though you did not know your Grammy well in life you have been blessed with her presence now that she has passed. I wish that I had better known my Great Grandmother Martha and hope that someday I will hear from her again.
And aren't those signs just perfect and validiating sometimes?

Walk in the Woods said...

It fits you perfectly.

Imagine my surprise.