Monday, September 22, 2008

making minor headway

Beloved, goddess bless him, painted the kitchen. i helped - i did the older part - the part we painted three years ago when the first phase of the renovation was complete. im sorry to say good-bye to my terracotta floors, but i think the blue slate tile will look better with the countertops. i know that the pale cafe-au-lait color now on the walls sure does. i think the darker shade will look nice in the living room, too. the countertop people called this evening - another encouraging sign. it means that some day - maybe even by halloween - the boxes now populating the living room will disappear like spring snow. (i just hope their disappearance doesn't coincide with the spring snow.)

i had baby jake today, and he was fussy - runny nose, maybe teething, definitely out of sorts. he's not an inconsolable baby when he's feeling bad, just a cuddly one, and so we spent the major part of our day nestled on the couch. i drew the line at disney, however, and so baby jake dozed to the sound of a show about a guy who was a famous novelist and killed his wife. or so said a jury of twelve good people and true...he's appealing his sentence. the most damning piece of evidence seemed to be that twelve or thirteen years ago, another woman he knew died the exact same way. this seems to fall under the "lightning can't possibly strike twice in the same place" school of criminal justice, but then, again, it does seem like an awfully big coincidence. and he ended up as the legal guardian for the woman's two daughters, when they had a perfectly lovely blood aunt. made me wonder, it did, it did.

it made baby jake sleep.

i managed to get enough laundry and other things done that the day didn't feel like quite a total waste. the split pea soup i made for supper turned out well, and we got the food shopping done. it's little things like these i cling to in the midst of chaos... it's so bad i'm thinking of calling in my MOTHER (gulp).

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Walk in the Woods said...

I think Baby Jake just wanted to give you a little holistic down time. Murder aside, the day sounds rather sweet. :)

livewater said...

Oh no, not your mother.
It sounds like chaos is alittle more organized. It will be over before the spring thaw.