Monday, September 1, 2008

sweet september

if a month has to begin on a monday, i think a monday holiday is only fair. i spent the day in the kind of personal reflection achieved while accomplishing - not too many things - but enough to give me a sense of personal satisfaction and justified reward while my homemade rice pudding, redolent with cinnamon - made from leftovers, even - steams and thickens on the stove.

i corralled meg into cleaning up her room enough so that any damage done by the workmen tomorrow when they install her new window should be minimal. i induced libby to spend half as much as she wanted to on a new comforter for her new full-sized bed. i sweet-talked Beloved into hanging up his clothes and sorting out his laundry. i found the prettiest curtains for the new kitchen - a fabric called Laura's Garden - which certainly answers why i've been hearing that. (i was beginning to think i was supposed to go see my dear friend laura and her garden.)

i did two loads of laundry (dark and white towels), vacuumed, changed the sheets and pulled a few weeds. then i checked on the baby hollies and congratulated them on being so brave and hanging in so well. i sorted through the pots Beloved cleaned for me, and filled in the first layer with pebbles. i found a beautiful piece of yellow quartz that almost gleams like citrine.

i ate like an Angel ALL DAY today - beginning with a delicious raspberry-vanilla yogurt smoothie before my three and a half mile hike up the mountain. lunch was another smoothie - this one peach-banana, and dinner was rainbow-roasted pot roast... a pot roast simmered all day long in a positively heavenly melange of garlic, basil, oregano, tomatoes, carrots, purple onions, green beans, wax beans and celery, with red mashed potatoes on the side. i added dried wild blueberries to the rice pudding i made because i thought i deserved it.

i gave some thought to taking some radically new directions for my writing - into the realms of nonfiction, a place i never thought to go. i think the Angel Eating Way would make a good book, as my dear friend patrice suggested. (im calling the massage lady tomorrow.) i think there's other topics i could write reasonably intelligently about. goddess knows i've decided to devote a whole blog to things i write intentionally unreasonable about. and my father - of all people - encouraged me to query Real Simple - of all magazines - because he thinks their readers would enjoy my blog.

but then, my daddy loves me.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Walk in the Woods said...


Patrice said...

"EATING THE ANGEL WAY; the Rainbow Route to a Healthy Body"

-- may be in your future!

Kathy said...

I agree that Eating the Angel way would be a great book. Rainbow recipes are great, too.

I am going to check with my root man about advice for your holly trees, but it sounds like you are doing the right things. The root mix we use is vermiculite. (Did I spell that correctly? It sounds like something fish eat.)

Patrice said...

Any suggestions on canker sores? Perhaps you have a secret remedy....