Sunday, August 31, 2008

new moon in virgo

according to lisa dale miller , this "New Moon in Virgo and the subsequent waxing two-week phase to the Full Moon in Pisces (the Moon of the Bodhisattvic intention) is a time for serious inner reflection and planning toward becoming an agent of service and healing for yourself and the world."

this is the first new moon of my life without my grandmother in it. she died hard on the heels of last month's new moon in leo, a new moon that coincided with a solar eclipse, and was, according to ms miller, "a metaphor for the personal ego at it’s (sic) most selfish, greedy and narcissistic, overshadowing the critical needs of the many...a New Moon to look deeply at the nature of desire and how it feeds the most destructive aspects of human life."

my grandmother was such a metaphor for me. in the way she lived her life, in the choices she made, or refused to make, the ideas she believed in and the beliefs she clung to, she gave me the gift of showing me how not to live, how not to choose, in what not to believe. it cost her greatly to teach it to me. it made her sad and miserable and angry all her life. it made going to see her like crawling over glass.

but, oh, how well, how thoroughly she taught me.

and so, dear roey, as a new moon rises and the old world turns, and you recede ever further into the mists of time and space, may fire consume you, may water sanctify you, may air purify you, and may earth receive you. may your Spirit know the Peace of all eternity, the Joy of all that is. the memories may be bitter, but the Fruits of the Lesson are sweet. namaste.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Rural Writer said...

This makes me think of my moms passing two years ago. Lovely.