Monday, March 24, 2008

finding inspiration

the robins' egg blue walls are soothing yet stimulating, calming, yet energizing. today, inspired by friends both in real-life and in cyberspace, i decided i'd had enough of moping, enough of being sick and feeling sluggish.

to that end, i followed - religiously, if i may say so - my daily regimen. i accomplished so much i thought i would share. so bear with me, gentle reader, while i indulge myself with a bit of organic chocolate and a pot of french lavender tea.

i made a delicious split pea soup for dinner tonight, in the crockpot with the hambone from easter dinner. good crone that i'm becoming, im not too proud to seek a place at another's table, to celebrate a holiday no longer my own, nor to scarf the remnants of the meal and turn it into something new.

i decided on slipcovers for my writing room. now instead of sage and sage and sage, the chairs are cream and cream and floral. i'm still not sure if im finished tweaking or not. tomorrow brad (the father of baby jake) is coming to hang my new curtain rods. i will have a better sense of how it will look when i see the drapes hung. Beloved has mended the marble top table i broke in a fit of pique once. it looks nice and, like the two of us, hardly scarred.

i got all the boxes hauled out of the living room. it's still a bit dusty and it could use another good vacuuming, but at least it doesn't feel like we're living like refugees. i have to save all the boxes, though, because if the kitchen renovation goes forward, i have an even more massive packing up to do.

i completed all my daily and weekly chores on my household spread sheet. libby cleaned zone one, but i managed all the rest AND i got a jump on tomorrow's laundry, because tomorrow, baby jake is coming for an unexpected day.

i finished chapter six of the political thriller - working title RIGGED - and sent it off to my friend debby for her to work her magic. we have nearly seven thousand words already. now that my printer is hooked up again, im planning to print the entire manuscript out when she sends me back six and read it from start to finish. we both know it needs some shading, but the bare bones so far feel good.

i spoke to my daddy today. we spend a part of every conversation talking about what it's like to die. he tells me what his doctors and friends tell him. most of his good friends have already made the crossing. i think my daddy knows that his teetime could be called any day. i think this is his way of finding out if i understand he has to go first. i do my best to reassure him that i do.

i did four readings online as a test of the ted andrew's animal-wise tarot. i got some really wonderful results. the cards themselves are wonderful to work with - i wish the publisher had invested in higher quality cardstock and clearer, less muddy photographs.

i spent an hour and a half on the treadmill, just walking, and meditating. i broke the time up into three twenty minute blocks during the busy part of the day, and then i did half an hour while the news was on, and the split pea soup finished cooking. i barely broke a sweat each time, but my thighs are sore. i even managed to stick to my "diet" - my intuitive eating plan that pretty much lets me eat what i want to eat when i want to eat it. i did pay attention to the foods i craved today, and i realized i have to add pineapple and more yellow fruits and veggies. i missed my banana today. i wonder if i remember how to foodshop with a baby.

my goal for tomorrow is to take baby jake to see my grandmother, and to complete as many of the daily tasks on my spreadsheet as i can. i'd like to fit in three twenty minute blocks on the treadmill, and of course i'd love for debby to send me chapter six so i can print the whole thing out and start thinking about the synopsis. these first seven thousand words have flowed so effortlessly, though, i think this book may be easier to write than poor hapless jack.

i'm still churning over my cosi girls letter. i can feel the words bubbling in my brain. i think they'll have ripened by tomorrow, maybe wednesday.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Chasing the Moon said...

Thank you for stopping by. It's nice to meet you, too. Good luck with your writing room! Oh, I took the Tarot test at the bottom and my card is the Moon. How perfect!

Take care:)

Patrice said...

You sure are inspiring, and you make it all sound very possible!

I lost my Dad 2 weeks ago; even though we knew it was coming (and he was ready) it is still hard. Death is so damn final.

But he is still here, in my memory and in my heart. And all the time, in my dreams.

Be well.